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Book Tour Coming in 2016

Author Don Winn

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Teen / Young Adult

Book Tour Coming in 2016

Missing Dad

Author J Ryan




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Missing Dad 

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US BOOK TOUR May 18 - June 27  / Visit Our Showroom for Details!

Washington State May 18 - May 30
  • Crossroads Mall May 21st 2-4 PM with performance by Billy Brandt with the Thing and The Stuff Band
  • Starbucks Coffee House Sunset Blvd, Renton, WA 
Oregon Coos Bay May 31st - June 1
Northern California June 2 - June 6
  • Bay Area Book Festival June 4 - 5
Southern California June 7- June 9
Arizona June 10- June 13
Ohio June 16 - June 20
  • Bellefontaine Ohio Library June 16 Book & Storytelling Presentation
New York June 21 - June 27

Marble Award Winner in 2014 for Losing Elizabeth


May 17, 2016 2 11:00 AM

Show Features Blog by 

Tanya J. Peterson "Anxiety Schmanxiety"

A Blog that educates and entertains and humanizes mental health topics and helps us have compassion for those who struggle and those who support the many who fight against mental health disorders. 

  • Stigma or Did I Read Into That?
  • Humanizing Mental Illness
  • Avoidant Personality Disorder
  • Social Anxiety
  • Homeless Doesn't Mean Less Human

Marble Award Winner for 

Best Pre-Teen /Teen /Young Adult 

Fiction Category 2014

The Knighting of Sire Kaye

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Jane Makes a Starbucks Run!


Author Tanya J. Peterson won the Most Distinguished Marble Award for a Book that has proved to be a service to others. 

Losing Elizabeth address the excitement of becoming a Young Adult and a bright future for smart and confident Elizabeth. But the new boyfriend who is the perfect picture of the ideal guy, becomes toxic in this unfolding story of a young girl who loses herself and must find her way back from an abusive relationship.

"Losing Elizabeth should be required reading in every school. Tanya has been able to help address this issue in a story where young Elizabeth gets lost in the abusive world of her new boyfriend and she never realized what was happening. Many young people can learn from this book and parents and educators should read it to learn the signs and symptoms of abusive relationships to help educate our youth." Lady Selah SuJuris

Program Director of Storytellers Campfire

On National Tour in 2016! 

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