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OCTOBER 2016 Release!

Queen Anne's Revenge

       Decoding Blackbeard's Emblematic Flag

The Research Journal of Lady Selah SuJuris for the Research Project on Queen Anne's Revenge Ship and the famous man behind the wheel, Blackbeard. The Research work reveals the truth behind the signs and symbols in the Flag most feared on the coastlands of every continent, the hidden agendas and the reason the ship was named Queen Anne's Revenge. 

Preview Show Scheduled for Broadcast: July 2016

Host Richard Gehlhausen

Artwork by Forgotten Time Maps

Researchers on Tour

Captain Wilbur H. Vantine

United States Merchant Marine Academy Graduate

Licensed Master Mariner for ships of any gross tons upon oceans (US Coast Guard)  

Panama Canal Pilot, handling over 4,800 piloting assignments in the Panama Canal. 

Captain Vantine successfully completed all assignments without any reportable damage to the ships or any injuries to personnel.

Link for Up Coming Show Announcement : "Panama Canal Expansion, Experts Hoisting Warning Flags"

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